Apex Legends roster disband
We are really sad to announce the end of our participation in Apex Legends. A year ago we came here, full of concern and optimism. The potential of this game looked huge, the audience liked it and everyone was waiting for the fast growth of the esports scene.

Unfortunately, it was never meant to be. Key decisions and actions of the publisher led to reduction of player base and the pro-scene failed to develop enough. So far, the current situation in the world puts an end to Apex Legends esports plans for 2020.

We are very grateful for our players: Wrugb, Sanya and Nlaaer roster. Boys put all their effort into work and showed great results after 2 months of improvement. Together we've "survived" our most adventurous adventure of 2020: Kiev trip for USA visas and never-happened Texas. Together we became one of the strongest teams in CIS Apex Legends. And we are really sorry to end our journey.

We wish great luck to our guys — they've already begun to conquer the new great game. GGs, crows.

13 Apr 2020
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