PUBG Mobile comes to stage
The second Phase of PUBG Europe League ended very well for CrowCrowd: our team managed to take 7th place and win $15,000. In the wake of this success, many fans again began to ask one and the same question: when do we sign a roster for the "younger sister" of the discipline — PUBG Mobile.

Ready to get an answer? Today.

From now on, the following four players will represent the CrowCrowd banners on the PUBG Mobile battlefield:

Roman "Aylo" Romanov
Laziz "Blanche" Ibragimov
Nikita "Myai" Repov
Roman "Venya" Dolgiy

The team, which is known in the community as Exclude, has taken gold or silver in several tournaments over the past month, the largest of which was the DLive championship with a $5,000 prize pool.

Team captain Roman Romanov:
"Esports in PUBG Mobile is developing very fast. Almost all teams are striving for the stage - and Exclude was no exception. We have the opportunity and the honor to represent the Russian multigaming organization. Do we consider this a success? Definitely. Each player in the squad has invested part of the soul in our common cause.
Does this mean that we have achieved our goals? Partly. Joining an organization is a very important step in our career, but far from the last. There is still more work ahead, and CrowCrowd, I am sure, will help us become better. We will not fail!"

The signing of the PUBGm roster is only the first step for the team in the direction of the mobile gaming industry. We are already eager to tell you about our plans, but everything has its time!

28 Aug 2019
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