We're back in League of Legends
Months of rumors and speculation left behind! We are ready to declare it officially: CrowCrowd is returning to its alma mater, League of Legends.

A year and a half ago, we stopped on the threshold of the CIS major league. Now, this threshold is over. We are pleased to announce that the League of Legends CrowCrowd is staffed and ready to break into the Continental League this spring!

Meet the CrowCrowd team in it's debut split LCL Spring 2020:

Aleksandr "NoNholy" Ovchinnikov
Artem "Rein" Zenyan
Khaled "XoNix" Noman
Stepan "Haninger" Hrabik
Arthur "SKasH" Ermolaev

The coach, Artem "Starky" Starkov:
"I am very pleased with the roster, which eventually managed to gather under the wing of the Crow. The roster is very interesting in terms of combining experience and talent - we plan to work hard all season to unleash the team's full potential. In the summer we will fight for the finals. Top-, mid- and low-tier teams are clearly shown in the LCL, and in the spring we aim to become the strongest mid-field team. However, an online split will definitely add some intrigue: technical issues added to the game moments, and the rosters' readiness will greatly depend on the presence of a bootcamp. Also, in the past years, most LCL organizations have shown how they do not know how to attract an audience to their squads, and with the absence of a studio, interest in the League will be entirely in the hands of the teams."

Alexey "Apnumen" Peskov:
"Long before the final decision of Riot Games about our team's participation in the LCL, we knew how we wanted to build the roster. An excellent balance of experience and 'young blood', coupled with a cool team mindset. I am very glad to see Rein in the lineup again. He has come a long way with the Crows and brought us the first major achievements in League of Legends. We, as an organization, expect to quickly adapt to the LCL ecosystem, and NoNholy with SKasH will bring up the 'young trio' of talents during the Spring Split, so in the summer the team will reveal its potential."

The guys have already begun training, and very soon you will be able to see the results of their work live! The LCL Spring Split begins on February 22nd, and details of the season can be found in the official news.

Chewie, we're home!

10 Feb 2020
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