New R6 Siege Coach
Six people are required to win in Rainbow Six Siege. A team can achieve nothing without an experienced coach.
Let us introduce the coach of the CrowCrowd R6 Siege roster:

Alexander "MeDVeD" Kozlov

And instead of a boring comment, we decided to take an entire interview! Short and interesting.

> Tell us a little about yourself and how did you come to esports?

It won't be short, but I'll try.

I am 25, have been called a Bear for a little over than 20 years. I got acquainted with esports in a computer club, where at 10-12 we played amateur tournaments in CS 1.6 almost for a box of soda. For a long time, I was a common spectator, but my friends pushed me into streaming, and then I began to comment on things.

I was a caster on the first Siege tournaments when there still was Xbox League, but for several reasons, I was disappointed in it. Then I was dragged to the League of Legends, where I commented on tournaments of different levels and, by the way, also covered the CrowCrowd matches. I couldn't stand the competition in League of Legends - and here I am again in R6 Siege.

> Why exactly R6 Siege? What distinguishes the game from other multiplayer FPS and attracts you specifically?

I always got along on tactical games, but strategies in the usual sense (Warcraft, StarCraft, etc.) were too difficult for me. Plus always attracted to team play. I got acquainted with the Rainbow Six game series back in 2005 by playing Lockdown.

Siege from the very beginning hinted at realism (albeit with conventions), it contains unique mechanics. And if fighting in enclosed space may not surprise you, then the preparation phase, the map destructibility and the abundance of devices that counter-play each other will certainly surprise you... This is a shooter with a wildest enormous entry threshold - you need to keep a thousand details and subtleties in mind. Not just shoot a lot, but also think a lot.

> Do you manage to find spare time to play yourself? And if so, at what rank?

Sad but not these times - working with the team and the other stuff takes almost all of my free time. In the ranked, I play it "hard" only in the first seasons. Then the lack of anti-cheat and the abundance of cheaters driven me off. Over the past three years, God forbid, I played 400~ matches, which is an extremely small number. However, this didn't stop me from mastering the professional level in the form of a caster and analyst, because the competitive scene and ranked games are two completely different universes. And so, my maximum rank: Platinum III.

> Is it difficult to be a coach? What do you do? How do you spend your usual working day?

Any activity is difficult. In my opinion, if something comes easy for you, maybe you are doing it wrong.

On a daily basis, I try to look at several matches of potential opponents a day and study their approaches to the game, looking for vulnerabilities. We interact with the team remotely, so sometimes during practice, I watch the games from several monitors, analyzing the situation and trying to make corrections.

> What short phrase can perfectly describe the composition of CrowCrowd by R6 Siege?

The previous team tag did a great job: "DED Inside"!

> What are the strengths and weaknesses of the composition?

The guys are young and hot, which sometimes doesn't affect their game in the best way. But they have more than enough will to grow professionally. In addition, experienced players in terms of the pro scene also play in the team, which only strengthens it.

> What are your thoughts on the upcoming LAN Finals? Reading to sweat and taking towels?

If we consider the dry numbers, it'll be very difficult for us. We'll play against the teams, whose rosters play with no changes for at least six months, or even more. But even the fact that our first opponent according to Siege.GG is the top 1 team in the world will not break our spirits. We will fight to the last, this I promise you.

> In what light do you see the esports future of R6 Siege?

Over the past couple of years, the game has grown. Let it not be as fast as we would like, but Moscow wasn't built immediately, too, as they say. By the standards of Tier 1 disciplines, Siege is still very young: League of Legends celebrated 10 years this year, Dota has been around since 2003, and CS has been a hundred years old at lunch. With proper support from the company and proper management, R6 Siege has a very good future. Don't forget that this is the first serious attempt by Ubisoft to hit esports.

> What would you like to convey to our readers? From the very heart :D

Of course, I want to say thank you for reading it to the end. I hope that after this interview the questions like "Are you still with the team?", "Did you get kicked?" will disappear. Guys, I'm here, everything's in order.

But in general, I have great hopes that fans of the organization will appreciate the discipline and fall in love with Rainbow Six Siege just as I once fell in love with it. Cheer! Be sure to come to support us at the Russian Major League LAN Finals on the 23rd and 24th of November!

21 Nov 2019
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