Likkrit becomes co-owner for CrowCrowd
Today, our organisation welcomes a new member of the team — not a gaming, but a management one. Kirill «Likkrit» Malofeev becomes a co-owner of CrowCrowd and joins the position of Team Strategic Director.

For his long esports career, Likkrit has repeatedly become the CIS champion in League of Legends, and in 2016, together with Albus NoX Luna, he reached the top-8 at the World Championship, which no other team from the CIS could do. In addition, Kirill has his own view about the development of the CIS e-sports, he has repeatedly made his statements about the future of this industry.

Now he has an opportunity to realize his vision and ambitions within our team. We are sure that his experience, knowledge and understanding of the processes combined with the management skills will help CrowCrowd to become stronger and reach a new level.

Kirill «Likkrit» Malofeev:
«A year ago, I left esports but continued to watch. Now the time has come when it would be nice to somehow take part in the process. The esports nowadays has a high investment attractiveness, and the CrowCrowd team turned out to be closest to me in the way they work with players and in their view on esports in general. As a player I have already said everything I could, it is time for new achievements!»

CrowCrowd owner, Alexey «Apnumen» Peskov:
«Kirill and I have completely identical views on the direction of the esports team development and the future of the whole industry. Perhaps we both saw how to fix something that does not work properly. At some point we decided to translate these views into reality within the CrowCrowd team and brought this project to a new level of evolvement.
It is difficult for me to overestimate all the significance of Kirill's participation in the management of this project and his expertise. We've gained an advantage over our business rivals not only in matters of team management, but also in the terms of the business processes».

08 Apr 2019
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