Apex Legends is finally back
Over the past month, Apex Legends has undergone a lot of changes: from the new mode and a serious balance update up to the announcement of a major LAN championship in Poland. It became clear to us that as an esports discipline, this game simply needs to be given another chance. And we did.

Greet the three new pairs of wings in CrowCrowd:

Ilya "MrTaishyn" Taishyn
Gapur "Kerebere" Parizhev
Yuri "Yuraah" Minosian

From May till the end of July, the squad played under the Falcon tag, however, due to organization problems, the guys left and catchily called themselves Dead Inside. For a month spent on their own, the team took gold at the Rivalcade Rumble qualifiers, and also got in the top 4 of the APEX.PRO Europe League rating.

Team captain MrTaishyn:
"Together we went a long way: each us has their strong features, and I tried to combine this into a close-knit team. I want to say thanks to the guys for not giving up and supporting, trusting and consulting with me.
Now we have common goals, point of view and are more than ever interested in joint development. Thanks to @crowcrowd for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to grow with you! I am sure we will prove to each other that this is for good".

CrowCrowd is proudly returning to the discipline - with a new, much more powerful and effective roster!

27 Aug 2019
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