Apex roster has landed
Reaching more than 25 million players in the first week after the release, Apex Legends immediately attracted our attention and left no doubt about the successful future of esports tournaments. So, the tryouts are now completed, the contracts signed, and we are ready to present the very first CIS roster in this discipline:

Dmitry «Fyzu» Petrov
Anatoly «Wrugb» Belousov
Petr «Desertuk» Myagkov

Dmitry began his esports career with Team Fortress 2. Then he became part of initial roster for team Prets in Overwatch. In middle 2018 he was a part of CrowCrowd PUBG roster, now he becomes the captain of Apex Legends team.

Anatoly represented us in Overwatch two years ago. After that, he decided to try Black Ops 4, becoming one of the best CIS players. As Twitch-partner, spends a lot of time streaming games.

Peter always dreamed of getting into big esports and tried himself in various games: from CS:GO to Realm Royale, where the player entered the top-1 in CIS. Later, Desertuk moved to Black Ops 4, in which he set a record as the first in the world to achieve the "Master Prestige" level. Also, he managed to reach the 100th level in Apex Legends second in the world.

Only two weeks after the release, the Twitch Rivals tournament was held with a total prize pool of $200 000, and we're sure that the official Apex Legends championship remains only a matter of time.

We welcome the guys under our flags and wish them the best of luck! In order not to miss anything and stay up to date with the most relevant news of the team, subscribe to us on social networks.

01 Mar 2019
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