To make the strongest roster in Pro Warface
The news of the changes in the CrowCrowd.AG composition stirred up the Warface community: Dino and ShaoLin are leaving the roster of the team. That decision wasn't taken spontaneously, and we didn't want to make such decisions without carefully considering further actions.

It is time to announce those who will replace the guys in the team, and make it even stronger than before.

Today Alexander "Heinds" Rogozhin and Denis "Shkolonik" Bitnev, who recently appeared under the banner, join the CrowCrowd Warface team.

Thus, our composition takes the following form:

Leonid "Captain Panic" Pozdnyakov
Egor "QuickScope" Shirokov
Adele "TrueSquard" Smirnov
Alexander "Heinds" Rogozhin
Denis "Shkolonik" Bitnev

We are pleased to welcome in our ranks a duet of these talented players, whose competitive experience, as well as the highest skill, will undoubtedly affect the future results of CrowCrowd for the better. And we respect the decision of the guys to join our team, especially considering their existing long-term relationship with the team.

CrowCrowd General Manager Alexey "Apnumen" Peskov:
"We didn't expect that all fans would support such a transfer decision. Key players of the legendary team left the team after winning the tournament.
In early June, we signed the most productive team on the Warface pro-scene, and our duty is to do everything to ensure that the composition continues to show great results.
According to the results of one tournament, it wasn't easy for us to draw any conclusions, so we fully trusted the guys in their decisions and fully supported them. Shkolonik is a legendary Engineer who always stably showed breathtaking results and Heinds... Welcome home, Heinds."

The captain of the team Leonid "CaptainPanic" Pozdnyakov:
"I am glad to see the guys in our stack. I will work with them for the first time, but I hope that we will work together very quickly. I'm sure that Denis and Alexander will be motivated because they will have to work a lot. Our immediate goal is to win on Armageddon. And in order to achieve this goal, it will be necessary to spend as much energy as possible, none of us has yet spent. Therefore, I am pleased to welcome two new players in our ranks. Get to work."

Well, it remains only to wish the updated composition best of luck — we're more than confident that they will be able to play perfectly well, and on Armageddon we will see even the team even greater than before!

25 Jun 2019
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