PEL Phase 3 roster news
First of all, we congratulate Dmitry Kemba7 Rozhkov on his excellent performance at the Nations Cup. The Russian team took an honorable first place.

Unfortunately, with a heavy soul, but due to force majeure circumstances, we are forced to part ways with the players of our PUBG roster. SeT, Kemba7 and TheTab are leaving the CrowCrowd ranks and will be playing in the Contenders League.

From now on, the CrowCrowd flags will be represented by the EU roster. The Winstrike team decided to leave PEL and was looking for a place for their guys. Our team turned out to be this place, so let's welcome the new CrowCrowd PUBG roster as a part of PEL:

Teemu "Teme" Kokko
Miska "Mise" Malkamäki
Joona "Nookie" Närvänen
Olli "Tiikzu" Saarikoski
Mark "Krimson" Russell Senior (coach)

Alexey "Apnumen" Peskov, CrowCrowd general manager:
"To my deep regret, participation in PEL for CIS teams entails a number of difficulties, one of which we did not manage to overcome — we couldn't get German national work visas for players in time. Unfortunately, the League does not provide necessary visa or travel support, although the League is held in Berlin and wants you to be there almost all year round.
Despite the forced replacements, we are pleased to welcome the Finnish roster in our ranks. As for the guys, the organization leaving PEL would have meant the end of their participation in the League. As for us, not getting visas could cause serious penalties for us from the League. So I think we really helped each other out"

We are happy to introduce the first foreign CrowCrowd roster, and we are sure that the guys will show their full potential during the upcoming matches. We welcome them in our ranks and wish them good luck!

12 Aug 2019
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