Apex Legends roster disband
Today, our organization is forced to suspend the Apex Legends roster and redirect our resources to other areas. Unfortunately, the game developers were not able to create proper conditions for esports yet, which forced us to take such a difficult decision.

We are very grateful to Fyzu, Wrugb and Desertuk for the past 4 months of their productive work. The trio managed not only to take part in numerous tournaments — European and American — but also set several world records.

CrowCrowd's general manager, Alexey «Apnumen» Peskov:
"I hope that this is a temporary solution and soon Respawn Entertainment will take steps in the right direction. Our guys managed to show themselves from the good side — they were the first Apex Legends roster signed in the CIS and quickly became one of the best players in Europe. Alas, months of waiting for the lobby are dragging on, and we have to suspend the division».

We wish the guys good luck and we will be happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with them again.

20 Jul 2019
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