R6 Siege Roster Announced
There's no secret CIS region is considered to be one of the strongest on the Rainbow Six Siege pro scene, which itself becomes wider every year, gradually increasing both in the number of fans and in the level of interest.

We've noticed the guys from DED Inside earlier, during the Russian Major League Season 3 qualification matches. This roster showed potent in the group stage of the tournament - and managed to break into LAN. By this moment, it had long been decided that this five should appear under our black and turquoise banners!

Now, let us introduce the CrowCrowd R6 Siege roster:

Nikita "Niko2k" Rusyaev
Konstantin "Frey" Volegov
Anton "namea" Bukin
Pavel "Amision" Chebatkov
Daniil "Johnny" Savostin

Already on November 23, these guys will perform as CrowCrowd at the final stage of the Russian Major League in Moscow! Our new team will face the three strongest CIS rosters in the battle for ₽1,000,000 - and we are sure that the guys will show themselves worthy!

19 Nov 2019
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