Dino and ShaoLin leave WF roster
This weekend, our Warface team won the Warface Special Invitational tournament. The bootcamp in Moscow, the losers bracket, difficult matches with Plink.gg, EZ.BezPontov, Boomerang, the final bo5. The AG team, which we began to work with in the early June, is the best in this discipline. And in order to remain the best, the team made a difficult decision.

Today Mihail «Dino» Fokin and Andrey «ShaoLin» Kiprskiy are leaving our Warface roster.

The guys have walked a long path together, they played as one team long before our acquaintance with them. Now it's time to move on, in order to stay on top of the ever-growing esports Olympus of Warface.

The team's captain, Leonid «CaptainPanic» Pozdnyakov:
«We've played together for a long three years, we have our ups and downs, but we've always fought together. However, the point of no return has now arrived, when our team has been in a deep stagnation for half a year already. We squeezed everything out of ourselves — we can't continue to develop ourselves as one team. A huge number of young teams that come to esports WF, have a new fresh look at the game. And we just don't have it. Because everything that we could come up with in this roster — we've already did.

I'm deeply sorry to part our ways with guys, but I am sure: we'll achieve way more in separate. I want to say a huge thank you to them. There is and was moments when we argue and have no understanding of each other, but that was a hell of a good 3 years. I wish them luck and hope they will please fans with results as soon as possible. Cause such a players won't have any lack of offers in top-teams».

We on our part wish Andrey and Mikhail best of luck. We are sure that these guy's talents won't be unnoticed and we'll meet them at Grand Finals of upcoming Armageddon tournament.

24 Jun 2019
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